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  1. I heard the entire album today on Sirrius. OMG! there is no one who sings better country than Vince Gill today. He plays guitar with the best, sings like an Angel and is the most pleasing to look at of ALL the country stars (the real country stars not todays rock and whatever who think they're country artists.) You have to own the album if you love traditional country music. Best I've heard in 20 years.

  2. Can hardly wait to get mine.

  3. how did u buy this cd?

  4. Wow! are you kidding me? I also was lucky enough to hear every cut on my way home yesterday.They nailed every song. hope the speakers still work in the wifes jeep….when was the last time that you loved every cut on a record? I am buying tickets for bakersfeild for Vince and Paul. yee haw! I'm still buzzin about it today.

  5. Two of the greatest talents in Nashville covering two of the greatest talents ever… what more need to be said.

  6. Best buy

  7. Best ever!

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