Dawn Sears, stellar vocalist and member of Rounder Record’s 4-time Grammy-nominated band The Time Jumpers, has been diagnosed with Stage 3B lung cancer.  Sears is also a long-time member of Vince Gill’s touring band.  She is currently undergoing treatment in Nashville, TN and plans to continue performing at the band’s regular Monday night show at 3rd & Lindsley until her treatment dictates otherwise.
Sears’ husband and band mate Kenny Sears has asked for the family’s privacy to be considered as they move through this very difficult period.


  1. We saw Time Jumpers for the 1st time this past Monday, and when Vince Gill did the setup for "Faint of Heart" he said he normally sings it with Dawn. He did a very subtle slight mention of a health issue. You could tell his performance was done with much love, and only today, when I searched for The Time Jumpers information, did I learn why. I know you will be surrounded by love, family, and prayers, but please know total strangers are including you in their prayers. Become well swiftly and never doubt yourself about finding your way to complete healing.

  2. Our hearts go out to Dawn and her family as well as her musical "family"…and our prayers and positive thoughts are heading her way.. Donna -for- "The Sisters…."

    • Praying for her and her family

    • Praying for ms.Rhonda,also I hope she is doing well

    • All's well so far…everyone has been so very kind…!! Thanks so much…!!!

    • Stay srong ladies!!! Leave it in the hands of the ONE who heals!

  3. Kenny and Dawn,

    My wife Pam and I come to hear the Time Jumpers at least twice a year when we come from the Pacific Northwest to visit family. We add our prayers to the hundreds of others. God bless you guys and your family.

  4. I am so sorry to hear. Praying for all of you as you navigate through this time.

  5. Heartbreaking. We saw The Time Keepers perform in Easton, PA a few weeks back. Wonderful. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  6. Prayers for Dawn and her family.

  7. I'm praying…..

    • my prayers go to her too…..good vibrations for her recovering and remission of this cancer

  8. Dawn, best wishes to you and your loved ones — I know that friends, family, fans, and total strangers are all rooting for you and hoping for your complete recovery…

  9. Ms. Sears I am trully sorry to read this news. I had not heard of this band or heard you sing until today. I was watching Bluegrass Underground and you knocked my socks off with that voice of yours. Course the whole entire band wowed me. I want to say I'm a little embarassed that I'm just now learning of you all but better late than never. Besides I see a new record collection in my future. I just want to say you are in my prayers. Thank you, your new friend, Sharon Ringshauser

  10. Dawn, my prayers are with you and your family/friends.. I heard of you this past Winter and was asked to sing your songs for a show. I was told our voices were so much alike.. so, I found you on youtube, and your style of music/songs fit perfect.. I'm not as good as you, but I'm working very hard to be close.. I'm sure our Father will heal you, for your place is here to inspire people like me. Your songs touch the hearts of many fans.. It's an honor to know you and God Bless You.

  11. you aresuch an incredible talent — I would gladly take your place — really the emotion you put into your vocals makes you one of the all time greats — why the hell you are, nt a member of the G O O is beyond me — Vince G. I know you agree — you can make this happen — Mr. acuff would agree?

    • we will pray for u. u r my favourite singer, I love time jumpers, god bless. xx

  12. Get well keep fighting!

  13. You have my prayers!

  14. we come to listen to The Time Jumpers every time we come their, Dawn sending prayers and hugs to you both.

  15. Our very best wishes to you from the UK. The best night of my life was to visit The Station Inn and have you sing Leaving and Sayin Gooodbye. May god bless and look after you.

  16. Very sad to hear the news of Dawn being hospitalized today,,, sending up healthy prayer for you from our family to yours….Shauna Lee.

  17. Healing thoughts and prayers are with you Dawn.

  18. Prayers coming from way out in Oregon Dawn! You hang in there during treatment 'cause God's going to take create care of you!

  19. Dawn I'm praying for you, you are stellar vocalist. My wife and I are planning a trip to Nashville to hear the Time Jumpers I hope to hear you in person. I ask that Jesus takes control of the situation and that you feel His presence.

  20. OMG I have JUST discovered you and your wonderful voice…right now my heart is breaking with hearing this news……please know I am wishing you the very best and have you in my prayers…….I just don't know what to say other than please God make this wonderful lady well and keep her singing for us!

    • I just discoverd her to,I cant believe how good she is,I wish her the best in her recovery,god bless her .

  21. Been to hear The Time Jumpers twice in Nasville, and was touched by your voice. I pray God will give you strength and peace.

  22. I discovered you as I was going through a table of used cds at a flea market.You've one of the most touching voices I've ever heard! I am praying for your recovery and full return to music! I have to say, you're my favorite female vocalist and I place you in a very limited group of great voices such as Patsy Cline , Vern Gosden, George Jones, Rhonda Vincent.There aren't many! God bless and keep you ever so tight in the palm of his loving hand!

  23. Dawn, To say I am a fan of your voice is an enormous understaement. I have been working on your version of Sweet Memories since I first heard it about a year ago. As much as I work on it, I will never be able to even get close to what you are able to do. I am praying for your recovery and please know how much love everyone has for you…. You are so special and we need you here.

  24. Support !!

  25. You do good with "saying" our feelings, Bobby. PLEASE convey our LOVE and our RESPECT and our appreciation for all of her work and her contributions….

  26. Great voice. Best wishes.

  27. Prayers go out to you, Dawn Sears.

  28. Not only was I diagnosed with this stage of lung Cancer but also three more organs…BELIEVE

  29. God bless.

  30. What a wonderful voice, such a talented gal. We miss youm Dawn! RIP

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