Kenny Sears

Kenny Sears was born in Denison, Texas and raised on a farm in Liberty, Oklahoma. He purchased his first fiddle when he was seven with money earned picking cotton and turned professional when he was 11 after he was invited to join the staff band of the Big D Jamboree in Dallas. This gave him the opportunity to work with Grand Ole Opry artists who routinely played the Jamboree. Another contact young Sears made there was Billy Gray, Hank Thompson’s former bandleader. When the Big D Jamboree closed down, Gray asked Sears to join his troupe. Sears recalls it as a great training ground in swing and country music. But he had another musical life as well. Since the fourth grade, he had been playing classical violin with the Austin College Symphony. This gig netted him a scholarship to North Texas State University and the chance to study music in depth. He subsequently played in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Sears moved to Nashville in 1975 and in the years that followed toured with Mel Tillis, Ray Price, Faron Young and Dottie West, among others, worked in Ralph Emery’s staff band and the Grand Ole Opry band and established the reputation he still holds as one of Nashville’s most revered session players.


  1. Hey Kenny, Long time the album sounds great! Give me a shout sometime when you can. thanks.

  2. Hi Kenny! My wife and I seen you and the rest of the Timejumpers in Nashville back in Novembr. Then got to see you on the Marty Stuart show this morning on RFD TV when Jimmy C. Newmann was his guest. I jumped up and told my wife Eydie, look there is that fiddle player from the timejumpers! You are all so great! Hope to see you again in the future. Tim Carruthers, Watson, Illinois.

  3. Kenny, Great Meeting You and, Thanks for taking time before your sound check at the State Theatre in Easton Pa.Hope to see the Fiddles You are Making.

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making it out to Chicago last night! I know we pizza and beef sandwich eaters aren't exactly known for being the biggest country music fans so the fact you even thought to come out here is amazing. I'm personally not a huge fan of country, (never was) but I was simply blown away but your library, your stunning musicianship and the sheer joy with which you play. Forget today's assembly line, manufactured pop country crap, what YOU do is where it's at! You've made a new Jumpers fan but more importantly, you've made a new fan of your genre, one who will continue to explore more about the rich musical heritage from which come from. THANK YOU and we will be seeing you again at the next possible opportunity!

  5. Really enjoyed your work last Monday night with the Time Jumpers. What an amazing group!

  6. Kenny-I just wanted to send a note to tell you how saddened I am at the loss of your wife Dawn. She put up a strong fight against that dreaded cancer. I am very blessed to have met and seen her perform along with you and The Time Jumpers. This is agreat loss not only to you and your daughter,but to the whole world as she was such a great talent and lady. R.I.P. Dawn. I will pray for you and your family.

  7. My heartfelt condolences to Kenny, Tess, Family and Friends for this loss. Dawn was one of the best Ladies of Country Music that ever graced the Stage and she will be missed by many. – – – – – Em

  8. So very sorry for ya'lls loss.

  9. Dawn is a great loss I lost my wife 3 months ago & its the worst experience Ive ever been through. God bless you & your family Kenny, Alan Potter

  10. Dawn's voice on a song and the Time Jumpers music always make feel good ….like all is right with the world . But all is not right since hearing the news of Dawn's passing . The greats give what can never be measured . God bless Dawn Sears . Our hearts are with you Kenny .

  11. Dawn's voice and the Time Jumpers' music always makes me feel like all is right with the world. But all is not right with the world since Dawn's passing . The greats give what can never be measured . God bless Dawn Sears. Our hearts are with you Kenny .

  12. Kenny, My wife and I met you on a couple of occasions when we vacationed in Nashville. We were struck by the wonderful synergy between you and your wife Dawn, and the two of you were such a great part of the Time Jumpers. I'm sure you don't remember us, but please accept our sincere condolences regarding Dawn. Country music has lost a beautiful voice. You will both be in our prayers. Ron VanDevander

  13. Kenny so sorry for your loss, I'm friends with Jerry and Sondra Newman, I loved Dawns voice, enjoyed her singing so much.

  14. What a nightmare right around Xmas I thought she'd beat this thing for sure

  15. Kenny sorry to hear about the death of your wife Dawn. I love the Time Jumpers and Dawns voice was just beautiful. From her many fans in Ireland.

  16. Kenny, we have seen you & Dawn many times thru the years with the Time Jumpers, you don't really know us, but you probably know our faces. We have been thinking of Dawn, You & your daughter thru the holidays & just wanted to know, our hearts are with you. We are very sorry about Dawn, she was a beautiful person & a beautiful singer!

  17. Hi Kenny. Met you and Joe on the plane ride from Phoenix to Denver in April. What a joy for me to meet you two and what history in your lives! Wishing you God's best and butterfly kisses from your wife, Dawn.

  18. so sorry for your loss, and indeed, for the world's loss, too. just listened to "sweet memories" … what a voice! what a band! deeply sad to discover such beautiful playing and singing too late, but intend to celebrate dawn by sharing her talent with anyone i can reach. great to hear that you still play classical violin. over the years i have neglected mine for the guitar, though she does get an outing in the studio every now and then.

  19. Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you here in Australia, one year on from Dawns Passing. Keep playing beautiful music, exactly as she would of wanted.. so hoping the tears have been replaced with much laughter, as dawn was always doing that !!! Take care and merry Xmas and a Happy New year to you and Tess. Marie (Australia)

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