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  1. I tried to get in touch with you erlier this year abut hearing the band play and interviewing all of you who are willing to speak with me. My name is Jean Boyd and I am a professor of music history at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. I am working on my fourth western-swing book, which deals with the dispersion of western swing to all parts of the U.S., and to Canada and Europe. I note that you are playing For the Bob Wills Fiddle Festival in Greenville, Texas in November. You are playing a concert at the Greenville Municupal Auditorium at 7:30 Saturday, Nov. 1. I would love to get tickets and come see your performance. What I am wondering is whether we could get together and let me interview all of you, as a group, not individually. Please let me know if there will be time for an interview. I can do the interview earlier in the day, when you have some time. I would participate very much getting to meet you all.
    Jean Boyd

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