Vince Gill Keeps Timeless Music JumpingGetty Images for ACM Vince Gill announced earlier this year he is parting ways with his longtime label MCA Records, but while that may mean a temporary speed bump in his solo career, his band has taken off.

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  1. On the CD The Key, Vince had a song I"ll Take Texas", a great song. I guess it was never played on radio. Vince will be better off with the Timejumpers than MCA. The major record labels in Nashville must be run by idiots. I have not heard a real country song by a new artist on a major label in over 10 years.

  2. I am so excited to be in town to hear the Timejumpers,,, if you haven't been here to see this group,,, you are missing a gift from heaven,,,, these guys are simply awesome,,, and they just fill my heart with music,,,, tonight will be my sixth time to drive from Baton Rouge to Nashville just to hear this band and I can't wait,,,, Tommie.

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