Vince Gill

Oklahoma-born Vince Gill has performed with The Time Jumpers for many years but only became an official member in 2010. A member of the Country Music Hall of Fame since 2007, Gill is widely recognized for his achingly beautiful tenor voice, award-winning songwriting skills and virtuoso guitar chops. Together, these talents have yielded him millions of album sales, 20 Grammys and 18 CMA Awards. In 2005, he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Gill is also regarded as one of country music’s most generous humanitarians, beloved for participating in countless charitable events throughout his career, including All For The Hall, the campaign to support the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. He was the Museum’s artist in residence in 2009. Gill has recorded with scores—possibly hundreds—of performers in all genres of music, among them Eric Clapton, Keb Mo, Barbra Streisand, Joe Bonamossa, Elvis Costello, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bill Gaither, Steve Martin, Rita Wilson, George Jones and Charlie Haden.


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  1. Since I heard Vince Gill's guitar w/Delbert McClinton Band at Farm Aid concert. I became big fan of him. Simply he is the best guitar player in the world! Can't wait to see him w/The Tjme Jumpers" at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass" this friday!

    • AO chan, Time Jumpers are great! Top musicians! You'll love their live show. They play every Monday in Nashville and I try to go there as much as possible. Check the other guitar player, Andy Reiss. He is awesome too! Of course the pedal steel guitar, Paul Franklin!

  2. I am so excited to find out about this great group of musicians! Can not believe this has been going on for a no. Of years and I didn't know it. Do plan to see you all soon. I will try not too act stupid. Music is my soul, scence my childhood! I understand the love of music,and the love that comes with it. Looking forward too seeing you all! Take care and stay safe!!

  3. My wife and I saw you at Hampton Beach NH two years ago and we cant wait to see you again soon we hope.

  4. Hey Vince , How ya doing. Hope to win a meet and greet with you and the rest of the Time Jumpers. Take Care, Steve.

  5. Vince, I will never forget the night I met you at the Cannery in Nashville, 1987. You were playing with Juice Newton, but had just had an album of your own released. During a break, I walked up to you and said how I had loved your album and had just bought it and you replied "Oh – you're the one!" You were so sweet and humble and gracious. I was just awed because you are so darned talented! Been a fan for forever.

  6. I heard an incredible singer tonight on A Prairie Home Companion and thought it must be someone who has studied Vince Gill, someone who could actually give Vince some serious competition. I laughed out loud when I discovered that the incredible singer was Vince Gill.

  7. Now Vince I am not a dirty old Lady . Just old I am sorry I rubbed your Tummy tonight at Alma Arkansas. I just seen the man going out as you were coming in and he patted your stomach so I said can I do that to. And did. I wanted to apologize to you but you wasn't into to talking . You were speaking to your wife on the phone as all this was going on. Anyway I wanted to talk to you so bad. But I know you get sick of people and you have much to do. I loved the time jumpers you guys are great enjoyed Mr Thomas he was very nice and I loved his song. Oh well I bet you never hear of this but There ya go.
    Linda Barnett Morrison

  8. Saw your show Monday night, June 22, it was terrific! John Jump, my brother I'll n law, told us about the Time Jumpers! Regards, Suzy Capps French

  9. It was great to meet you at 3rd and Lindsley. Thank you very much to invited us on stage!!

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